Graham Graeme & the Conduits of Konsumption

Coksucker Blues E.P

very exciting, 'bummer', 'bad blood', 'big drunk baby' and 'black trash'

The Conduits of Konsumption

Part 2 1/2 of three part project that began with "Soulanoid" by DavyG and the Engines of Efficiency, continued with "Popout" by Graeme Graham and the Conduits of Konsumption and will conclude with "Symphony number 3 in the key of P" by David Davis...

Morbidly obese beats and sweaty minimal funk fashioned in a leaky west Auckland garage, channeling the Rolling Stones, Joseph Conrad and Bobby Mcferrin 

Bummer brings the darkness to the centre of town.. where you can dance if you want to.. once you find your clique! Sometimes it's a bummer and sometimes it's a groove!

Bad Blood quotes Rupert Brooke and name checks Stan Graham, G G Allin and Dr Christian Barnard in a disection of a both ancient and modern malaise.. nature infects nurture.. the corpuscles are revolting.. and is it trueˇˇˇˇˇˇˇˇ..?

Big Drunk Baby a song in which the binge-drinking protagonist, a boozed-up rug-rat scours the city for kicks, ends up at work tinkling the ivories in a high profile wine bar.. not as far fetched as it sounds!

Black Trash “With steal and slaves, that is how the west was won. With chains and gunsˇ”. Synchronicity and coincidence, interconnection and entanglement.. and as sound advice as you're ever gonna hear.."if you're ill take a pill, AVOID CANCER, I ain't got the answer.."

Blak Trash (right click to download the hi-res mp3= full stereo ~7Mb)


Pop Out

CD (G.I.C.S.N.) 2004

Dave changes his name to graeme and goes back to the 'bots. More bump and grind out now. Includes bedroom favourites too black too strong, how's it gonna help me get down and too in for the out crowd

. re-reviews the Cheeseontoast interview (pdf 700K)

Pop OutG-man
how's it gonna help me get down?
too out for the in crowd (too in for the out crowd)
too black, too strong
Hi-Fi High Rise
Come in Tokyo
Commute and Kompute
Phreaky Freaky
Slot Machine (slch)
Deep Emotion Deep Emotion

Dave (guitar+sing+... ) with:
Caitlin Smith, Karin and Shisato (sing) Rich Id & Mike (drums) Tim Stewart (trumpet) Trudy (flute) Miranda Adams (violin) Angel (piano)

Recorded at Frisbee #7 (Gt. North Rd.) by Bob, 2004
mixed / mastered by Bob Frisbee & Richie Sunjungle
serviced by Honest Andy electronics


Downloadable 0" single (G.I.C.S.N.) 2005


A-side: Commute and Kompute (right click to download the hi-res mp3= full stereo ~5Mb)

B-side: Come In Tokyo (right click to download the hi-res mp3 = full stereo ~8Mb)


Downloadable 0" single (G.I.C.S.N.) 2005

A-side: Phreaky Freaky (right click to download the hi-res mp3 = full stereo ~7Mb)

B-side: Too Black Too Strong (right click to download the hi-res mp3 = full stereo ~7Mb)

Cok iz it